Durango Discount Dental can help anyone who is in need of a set of dentures. It doesn’t matter if this is your first time getting dentures or if you need to replace an older set that doesn’t fit well. We are here to make the process as easy as possible, plus you’ll be able to have the procedure completed in the same day!

By utilizing our in-house lab, we are able to fit our patients the same day with dentures, relines, and repairs. This ensures that you will get a new custom set of teeth in just a single day. We can also repair or reline your existing teeth with our same-day service.

Initially in the morning, patients come in for their impressions and records. Then, later in the afternoon, our in-house lab finishes the dentures onsite in our office. All within the same day! By using our in-house denture lab, we can make sure that the fit is perfect for the individual specifics of your mouth. Our innovative process reduces outside lab fees, and enables us to pass the savings (which can be in the thousands of dollars) along to our valued patients.

What are Dentures?

Simply put, dentures are a prosthetic oral fixture that provides the mouth with a replacement for missing teeth. Unfortunately an individual can loose their permanent teeth for a variety of reasons including tooth decay, injuries, and gum disease. In order to enhance your smile, the missing teeth are replaced with a removable denture, which can also help with your eating and speaking. Since dentures are crafted to mimic natural teeth, the changes will be minimized and unnoticed by most people.

Denture Care

Dentures take some getting used to but we are here to help along the way. We have seen thousands of denture cases and are confident that we can help you.

Some helpful tips include:

Practice good oral hygiene. Keeping your mouth and dentures clean will let you wear them more regularly and with confidence.

Adjustments are a normal part of wearing dentures. Make an appointment to have a denture adjustment if you have some persisting soreness.

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